Manifesto 2015

Our Promise to Sidmouth Sidford
As Your Strong Experienced Team we will:-


Support measures to keep the council tax low whilst retaining frontline services



Maintain the vibrancy of our tourism industry and improve the vitality, viability and

 shopping experience of our town and local centres



Make provision for our local young people so they can live and work in Sidmouth,

 supporting the economy, community and their families in the future



Support initiatives to increase recycling  measures


Protect and enhance the local environment

Continue to work with other local authorities (Town/County)  and organisations in

  securing funding to implement the Surface Water and Beach Management Plans


Support our Cottage Hospital and Health Centres

Work in partnership with the County Council in producing a comprehensive traffic
  management plan for Sidmouth including Park & Change & a Round Town Bus


  We shall also:-

    •    Continue to put the case for Sidmouth Sidford as we did in the removal of

           the Business/Retail Park from the draft Local Plan and keep a watchful

           eye on all planning applications


    Continue to call for the designation of a Green Wedge between Sidford and

           Sidbury in the Neighbourhood and adopted Local Plan and secure funding

           for a link road from the B3176 into the Alexandria Industrial Estate

       •    Drive the development of Port Royal to include facilities that embrace the

             World  Heritage Site Dorset & East Devon Jurassic Coast


  •  Support and promote measures that will improve Community Safety and the

     Quality of Life of local residents


       We’re the Strong Experienced team you can trust to represent

       and deliver for Sidmouth Sidford on the District Council.


Promoted by Lucille Baker of 9C Mill Park White Cross Road, Woodbuur Salterton, Exeter EX5 1EL on behalf of the Conservative Party of 9C Mill Park, White Cross Road, Woodbury Salterton, Exeter EX5 1EL