Candidates Information

Woodbury & Lympstone Ward

David Atkins            01395 - 233503

David has served the Parish Wards of Lympstone, Exton and Woodbury for the last 4 years on the District Council.  David wishes to continue the work that is now under way to make local government more efficient, effective and a way of delivering local open democracy. He is now in a position to do more for the area by re-joining the Conservatives while maintaining his individual approach which is important when representing your views and concerns and, through the Group approach, gather support of other like minds in his corporate approach.


  Dave Moore          01395 - 233503

Dave is proud to have been selected for the Woodbury and Lympstone District.  He has been a member of the Woodbury Parish Council for the last four years and has gained a significant interest in local politics. 

 Dave understands village life and was happy to see the success that was made of affordable housing units in Lympstone and is keen to see and support affordable housing for the first-time buyer and recognises the importance of the tourism industry in the area. Dave is currently working in the waste newspapers and magazines recycling industry.  Dave aspires to see local business thrive and is a keen member of the East Devon Business Forum.  He also sits on the Local Enterprise Panel. 




Promoted by Lucille Baker of 9C Mill Park White Cross Road, Exeter EX5 1EL  on behalf of the Conservative Party of 9C Mill Park White Cross Road, Woodbury Salterton, Exeter EX5 1EL