Candidates Information

Honiton St Michaels

Mike Allen  01395 - 233503

Mike is a longstanding Honiton resident working for the Community on the Town Council. He has a deep knowledge of  Council work from 15 years of Public Sector service locally. He was a successful senior business manager and worked throughout Europe for major companies. He is a committed Christian and a Conservative. Mike is passionate about local people’s voices being heard. He fought on  behalf of over 700 people to save Littletown Green and has worked on the Town Council  to maintain open spaces in Honiton.  Mike has proposed a number of allotment sites which would meet the needs of potential allotment holders and allow people to grow some of their own food. He works in another District for     community regeneration so he understands how the “Big Society” can work effectively with local people gaining more power.


Phil Twiss  01395 - 233503

Well known local Travel Agent Phil has lived and worked in Honiton for almost 30 years and has seen the town go through   periods of relative boom and bust. He has been involved for many years with the local football and cricket clubs as well as  being a Governor at Honiton Primary School. Phil has a clear vision and understanding of what people in Honiton want and need. If elected to East Devon District Council he would ensure through his no nonsense approach that these views are faithfully represented. He is particularly keen that sporting and leisure opportunities are improved as the town has lagged far behind similar sized towns in this respect.  Phil is married to Sally and they have a 16 year old daughter Phoebe.


  Peter Halse  01395 - 233503

Peter has served for many years on the District Council representing Honiton. As a committed Christian he has been      involved in youth work in a local church and is strongly in favour of local voluntary involvement and the Big Society.  A local           businessman - his family business is now being run by the fifth generation - he knows East Devon inside out and understands that careful use of money is vital in our local economy.  We need to carefully manage our beautiful environment allowing only new    development that helps employment and allows local young people to live and work here.






Promoted by Lucille Baker of 9C Mill Park White Cross Road, Exeter EX5 1EL  on behalf of the Conservative Party of 9C Mill Park White Cross Road, Woodbury Salterton, Exeter EX5 1EL