Candidates Information

Exmouth Halsdon Ward

 Viv Duval - Steer    Tel: 01395 - 223414  

Viv has been a Councillor representing Halsdon for 6 years on the Town Council and 4 years on East Devon District Council. Viv is the current EDDC Champion of Equalities and Diversity. Viv is on the Governing Body of 2 local schools, one primary and the other secondary, as she feels so passionately about good standards of education and discipline in our local schools. She is Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee on Exmouth Town Council. Viv is a member of the Exmouth Tidy Group as she feels it is essential to play a part in keeping our environment as clean as possible, not only for ourselves but our visitors too. An award is given for the neatest, litter free area around premises, whether it be a shop, restaurant or school. Taking a pride in our Town for Viv is vitally important.

 Jill Elson            Tel: 01395 - 264731    www.jillelson.co.uk

Jill is an experienced councillor who has had the privilege of representing Halsdon for a number of years. Jill has retired from full time employment. Jill has been the EDDC Cabinet Member for Communities since 2003 that includes housing, environmental health and working with the voluntary sector. Jill is a Governor of Exmouth Community College being Vice Chairman of Finance. She is the founder and Chairman of the Exmouth Ring & Ride transport service for those unable to access public transport. This local charity has to raise over £100,000 per year to keep its services running. It allows people to live independently in their own homes as it gives them the opportunity to go shopping, meet friends or go on various trips. Jill is a voluntary driver for Exmouth & Lympstone Hospiscare.

 Pauline Stott   Tel: 01395 - 278461 

Pauline grew up in Lympstone and has 3 sons, 2 of which are members of crew of Exmouth Lifeboat. She also has 3 grandchildren. Pauline works for Devon County Council Social Services as a Community Home Care Assistant. Pauline also has a Balloon decorating business which has been running for the last 16 years covering many of the social events around our area. She was one of the founder members of Exmouth Archers where many people of all ages have enjoyed the sport of archery. Pauline is the Chairman of the EDDC Housing Review Board that includes tenant representatives that looks after the EDDC Housing Stock. On Exmouth Town Council Pauline is Chairman of both the Communities Organisations Liaison Panel ( Made up of representatives of local Exmouth organisations) and the Regeneration and General Purposes Committee.



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