Candidates Information

Exe Valley Ward

Deborah Custance Baker           Tel: 01392 - 841142

Deborah, her husband, son and daughter moved to Devon in 1998.  The family had decided to leave London, where Deborah had her own catering company and,  by chance, they found a property “in the best location”  -  the Exe Valley.  Her husband had been brought up in the West Country and had always wanted to move back, so it was his dream.  Having been rather hesitant in the first instance, Deborah quickly embraced all aspects of rural life. 

She keeps a herd of traditional breed of pigs and regularly shows them as well as making sausages from them.  She manages the local Pony Club and thoroughly enjoys the company of the youngsters as well as their parents.

Deborah has sat on the Upton Pyne and Cowley Parish Council for the last ten years. Local village life and village traditions are important to her.  She resurrected the Beating of the Bounds of Upton Pyne as well as being a former Chairman of the Village Hall.


Promoted by Lucille Baker of 9C Mill Park White Cross Road, Exeter EX5 1EL  on behalf of the Conservative Party of 9C Mill Park White Cross Road, Woodbury Salterton, Exeter EX5 1EL