Candidates Information

Coly Valley Ward

Graham Godbeer 01297 - 32767

Graham has been representing the Coly Valley Ward at East Devon District Council for the last four years. During that time he has gained a lot of experience in the way Council services are delivered. He has in turn been Chairman of Licensing and is now Portfolio Holder for the Economy. He has attended as many of the Ward Parish meetings as possible and given his support to a number of the issues that have been raised. A great deal of his time has concerned Planning and Enforcement issues. 
He looks forward to listening to and serving the residents of the Ward for a further four years and seeks your support for his re-election. 


Helen Parr 01297 - 552448

  Helen has been a District Councillor for 16 years, is a member of the Planning & Site Inspection Committees and Chairman of the Communities Scrutiny Committee. 
Married with 4 children, she works part time in the family business, J & F J Baker of Colyton,The Tannery. 
She is therefore committed to the interests of the community. Local residents will always be her primary concern. With your support she will make sure the views of residents are heard and continue working to improve quality of life in Coly Valley.



Promoted by Lucille Baker of 9C Mill Park White Cross Road, Exeter EX5 1EL  on behalf of the Conservative Party of 9C Mill Park White Cross Road, Woodbury Salterton, Exeter EX5 1EL